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We know that you know your ideal fit and style.  We give you the power to control those preferences.  You show us your preferences.  We show you the brands that match.



Quick Pic

Take 3 simple pictures of yourself using your smartphone.  We guide you to make sure you're in the right poses so we can collect your body shape and measurements.

Personal Mannequin

After we have your measurements, a 3D body-model replica is automatically created.  This 3D model is your personalized mannequin that allows you to virtually try on our smart apparel templates.

Smart Styler

When you and your personal mannequin virtually try on our smart apparel templates, you'll have the ability to customize your style and fit.  We'll identify key interaction points that allow you to make length and tightness adjustments based on what you think looks and feels best on you.  




Find brands from around the world that match your profile so you can confidently buy clothing online that will fit the way you like your clothing to fit.  We filter out all the noise so you only see clothing that you know will fit well.


We are NOT promising a perfect fit.  What is a perfect fit anyway?   At stylecard, we believe that the perfect fit can only be identified by you, the person wearing whatever it is that you wear.  The perfect fit can’t be directed to you by a brand or a tailor.   Only you know what your perfect fit is. 


That’s why we’ve developed stylecard.  Our advanced personal sizing technology allows you to visually interact with 3D replicas to show our computer algorithms what the ideal fit means to you.  Then we measure all the 3D components and extract the data so that we can search the world for brands and sizes that match your ideal fit and style preferences.

Our goal is to make stylecard the world's most widely accepted digital clothing profile, working across brands, retailers, and custom manufacturers so you can find what you love. 


Your profile is also sharable!  Share your stylecard profile with your loved ones for gift-giving season around the holidays, birthdays or any days!